Analyst Reports

Date Title Research Group
25 May 2018 On Form Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
09 April 2018 No Port Disposal to MMC Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
01 March 2018 Impacted by Higher Operating Costs BIMB Securities Research
01 March 2018 On Track Performance Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
11 December 2017 Expanding Horizon Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd
04 October 2017 Maintain Overweight CIMB Research
29 September 2017 Huge Dependency on Sabah’s Success BIMB Security Research
11 March 2017 SURIA's Detailed Stock Report BursaMKTPLC & Thomson Reuters
30 May 2016 A Good Start AllianceDBS Research Sdn Bhd
01 March 2016 Within Expectations AllianceDBS Research Sdn Bhd
17 February 2016 Alliance DBS Maintains 'Buy' Rating At RM2.90 AllianceDBS
24 November 2015 Not Expecting Surprises AllianceDBS
23 September 2015 AllianceDBS Report on Suria Capital Holdings Berhad AllianceDBS
28 August 2015 Alliance Maintains Buy Despite Lower Results Alliance Research
02 June 2015 Suria Performs Within Expectation Alliance Research
27 April 2015 Jesselton Quay Development May Be Launched Soon Alliance Research
30 December 2014 Research Stormy Waters, No Land in Sight Kenanga Investment
19 November 2014 2Q Results Below Alliance Research
19 November 2014 Results Largely In Line RHB Group
19 November 2014 No Surprises, Still Waiting for Catalyst Kenanga Investment