Hopes Marks End of Its Mega Scale Gravity Projects at a Closing Ceremony

Hopes Malaysia marked the end of its 2019 Mega Scale Project at a closing ceremony in Kampung Kaung, Kota Belud on 5 November 2019. The closing ceremony was attended by the major sponsors including Suria Capital Holdings Berhad and Mah Sing Group.

The Mega Scale Project had involved five villages in Kota Belud, which faced serious water supply issues. Suria Capital Holdings Berhad had sponsored the construction of water catchment, polypipes and water tanks to one of the villages, Kampung Bongkilong, located some 10 km from Kota Belud town.

Suria was also involved in volunteering services for the water project as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility sustainability programme to rural areas.

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05 November 2019