An Hour With GCEO – Inspiring Unity Through Intergration

Concurrent with the appointment of Ms. Ng Kiat Min as the GCEO of SuriaGroup, Group Human Resource (GHR) took the initiative to conduct ‘An Hour with GCEO’ as part of the employee engagement activities. During the session, GCEO shared SuriaGroup’s vision, mission core values, behavioral values and strategic planning to ensure the employees have a sense of how their role interweave with the larger goals of the group and how to contribute their best possible on every project. Aside than that, employees also will able to bond with their colleagues as while engaging in fruitful conversations. An hour with GCEO was launched on 1st March 2016 at Sapangar Bay Container Port by GCEO with the presence of GHR Manager Pn. Junita Tajul Ariffin, Senior Manager of SBCP Mdm. Lai Fui Nar and SPSB’s Human Resource Manager Pn. Patsy Tiasing.

01 March 2016