Jesselton Quay Loan Signing Ceremony & Preview

The development of the Jesselton Quay (JQ) project is in full throttle as Suria Capital Holdings Berhad (Suria Capital) and SBC Corporation Berhad (SBC) progress with a Loan Signing Ceremony and the Preview of the JQ Masterplan.

The Loan Signing Ceremony takes place on 16 May 2014 between SBC, as the developer, and RHB Bank, signifies the great potentials of the project and confidence shown by the banking center towards facilitating the progress of the project. The financial backing by RHB will provide SBC with greater financial leverage to strengthen development plans. With the endorsement by RHB together with the approved development plan, it is likely that the first phase of the project will commence within 2014 as planned.

JQ is a RM1.8 Billion project which will be built on a 16.25 acre prime port land strategically located at the waterfront of Kota Kinabalu city center area. The land was once site for Kota Kinabalu Port’s container operations but has since quelled after consolidating container operations at Sapangar Bay Container Port in 2007. JQ has an estimated development period of 8 years.

16 May 2014