S.K. Gantisan's Multipurpose Hall Given New Facelift

With the sponsorship of tiles from Suria, a comfortable multi-purpose hall was made possible to the teachers and students of S.K. Gantisan. Before this, the concrete flooring had worn out.

The multi-purpose hall area is the only available space for its school functions. It also serves as a waiting area for students during session interchange as well as when having their food during recess.

Besides beautifying and creating a hall that is sustainable, the installation of tiles also makes it easier for the school to maintain it.

Suria assisted in improving the school's facilities in the hope of providing a positive impact towards motivation and better performance of teachers and students, a long-lasting value from our contribution.

S.K. Gantisan, which has 711 pupils, is located on a limited area in Kg Gantisan, a sea village, tucked near a hill slope and highway leading to Sapangar Bay Container Port. The school is managed by its Headmistress Pn. Hjh. Taminah Hj. Rasneh

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01 March 2020