Sponsorship and Volunteering for Kampung Takulung (Kota Belud) 3.5KM of Water Project

As a main sponsor of water project by HOPES Malaysia (NGO), Suria not only provide a sum of donation but also involved in volunteering to help Kampung Takulung villagers to benefit clean water supply and high quality material for their water system.

Kampung Takulung is located in Kota Belud, approximately two hour drive from Kota Kinabalu and occupied by over 500 villagers. The project took three consecutive Saturdays in March 2018 and divided in three phases which began with building water tank foundation, adding new water tanks to allocated area, laying 3.5km polypipes and connecting them to the water tanks.

On 14 April 2018, after the three weekend trips, Suria had a follow up visit to the village to get feedbacks with the completion of the project. The head of Kampung Takulung villagers, Tuan Haji Kiai Bin Gampeis expressed his gratitude for helping them to improve the facilities in their village and even though the water current was not strong enough to fill the tanks at the moment; they believed that it will improve after the dry season. 

This community project is a new experience for staff of Suria and subsidiaries and we hope to expand the spectrum to other rural community areas as in line with our Mission in caring for the community.

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14 April 2018