Suria Capital Holdings Berhad 31st Annual General Meeting

Suria Capital Holdings Berhad and its Group of Companies (SuriaGroup) had ended 2013 with a higher revenue and profitability against the previous year. The Group’s revenue totaled at RM263.33 million against RM262.93 million in 2012. The Group’s profit had also experienced a double digit growth with an 18.8% increase in pre- tax profit (2013: RM82.31 million, 2012: RM69.28 million) and an after tax profit growth of 21.8% (2013:RM61.27 million, 2012: RM 50.31 million).

Port operations, which have been the Group’s prime contributor, generated 85.2% of the Group’s revenue while logistics and bunkering services provided 10.6%, ferry terminal operations 2.0% and contract and engineering 1.3%.

24 June 2014