Suria Capital Holdings Berhad 32nd Annual General Meeting

Suria Capital Holdings Berhad and its Group of Companies (SuriaGroup) made a  4% growth in its consolidated revenue for year 2014. The Group declared a revenue increase of nearly RM10 Million, to RM273.14 million from RM263.33 million generated in 2013. The Group however, recorded lower profitability due to higher operating expenses and partly as a result of the adoption of new accounting standards. Pre-tax profit was registered lower by 3% at RM72.81 million in 2014, as compared to RM75.17 million in 2013. The after-tax profit dropped by 8% at RM52.12 million in 2014 as compared to RM56.86 million in 2013.

Port operations continue to serve its main income earner, contributing 85% of the Group’s total revenue last year. Followed by Logistics and Bunkering which accounted for 12% while the rest came from Contracts and Engineering, Ferry Terminal and Investment Holdings activities.

15 June 2015