Suria Capital Holdings Berhad 34th Annual General Meeting

Suria Capital Holdings Berhad and its Group of Companies (SuriaGroup) is pleased to announce that the Group’s performance remained positive during 2016 despite a reduction in revenue and profit before tax.  The Group recorded a total revenue of RM258.51 million and a steady profit before taxation of RM83.53 million during its 2016 financial year. 

However, reflecting the challenging operating environment in 2016, the total revenue and pre-tax profit dropped when compared to RM496.65 million and RM148.25 million respectively, in 2015.  It was mainly due to the exceptional high revenue and pre-tax profit registered in 2015. The Group had registered much higher revenue and pre-tax profit during 2015 following the recognition of a non-recurring property development income which contributed to RM229.2 million or 46% of the Group’s revenue in 2015.  The core business in port operations remains stable with revenue registered at RM 217.8 million in 2016 which was almost at par with year 2015 at RM 217.2 million

Following this, for 2016 financial year the Group as a whole booked in profit after taxation of RM66.66 million as compared to RM125.72 million registered in 2015. 

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22 May 2017