SuriaGroup Iftar Dinner

Over 100 guests have been present including staff and management of SuriaGroup, invited guests and villagers around the Sapangar area to jointly break the fast and tarawih prayers at Al-Ikhwan Mosque, Sapangar Bay Container Port.

As in previous years, this annual event aims to strengthen the bonds of fellowship among the staff and villagers and share the breaking of fast with the poor. After the Maghrib prayer, the guests were presented with the sharing of knowledge through Maghrib tazkirah presented by ustaz Malai Ali Malai Hassan followed by Isyak and Tarawih prayers.

Also presented were Datuk Faisyal Yusuf Hamdain Diego (Chairman), Mdm Ng Kiat Min (GMD) and Tuan Haji S. Zainal bin S. Hassan (BoD).

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25 May 2018