SuriaGroup Kaamatan Celebration 2012

The SuriaGroup Pesta Kaamatan started with a guided tour where invited got the chance to visit five types of houses, belonging to main ethnics in Sabah, namely Dusun, Bajau, Murut, Lundayeh, and Rungus. Each of these houses demonstrated their way of living in older days including cooking in bamboo, fire-starting without matches, tapai and honey making, and traditional games such as Monopuk (blow piping) and Lansaran (traditional trampoline in Murut House).

Mr. Kaamatan and Ratu Kaamatan competition, staging 10 contestants from subsidiaries in the group. Each contestant displayed various types of traditional costumes belonging to multiple ethnics tribes in Sabah. Apart from that, a few competitions had been arranged earlier including the Monopuk Competition and traditional food making of Dusun ethnic- Hinava.

06 June 2012