SuriaGroup Kaamatan Raya

Rose Wong from Sapangar Bay Container Port was crowned as winner of SuriaGroup’s Ratu Kaamatan while the second and third places were begged by Maicy Wen from Suria Capital Holdings Berhad and Suzan Joseph from Sabah Ports Headquarters respectively during SuriaGroup Kaamatan Raya celebration recently at Wisma SabahPorts, Sapangar. Each winner took home a trophy, cash prize and a bouquet of flowers. Rose Wong was also voted as Mrs Popular (Zandi Kaanangan) by the crowd. Another highlight during the event was Bintang Suria, a singing competition themed Kaamatan Raya which was won by Erlyendda @ Linda Anthony Adam of Sabah Ports Headquarters.

The combined celebration of Kaamatan and Hari Raya was aimed at strengthening unity and harmony in the multi-racial and multi-religious community among the citizens of SuriaGroup.

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27 June 2019