Corporate Social Responsibility

Donation to SK Kawiyan, Ranau

Attending to the needs of SK Kawiyan, Ranau, Suria Capital donated 90 sets of mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and pillow cases. The donated items were for the hostel of the school which houses 120 pupils.

Witnessed by Chairman, Datuk Hj Faisyal Datuk Yusof Hamdain Diego, the handing over ceremony took place on 9 February 2021 with Group Managing Director, Datuk Ng Kiat Min and Headmaster, En Hamdi Hashim representing Suria and SK Kawiyan respectively.

Also in attendance were Datin Mariam Mahmun (H-GCAC) and Suria Club President, Haikal Ayub.



9 February 2021